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Car Insurance – Cheaper to Go Green

car insurance costMany drivers have noticed that their car insurance premiums have recently risen and as a result say that they would go green in order to save money.

A leading comparison site has found that a quarter of drivers are paying more for their car insurance than they were last year, with the average policy rising by 6 per cent. This increase also seems set to continue as experts believe that there may be further rises to as much as 10 per cent by the end of this year.

The comparison site is warning drivers that unless they shop around and compare prices in order to find cheap car insurance , they could end up paying a lot more than they have to for their premiums.

Out of all of the people questioned in this survey, 28 per cent admitted that they had accepted the increase and only 30 per cent said that they moved to a different insurer after prices increased.

The comparison site said that with prices for things such as mortgages and food rising, we should be taking every step we can in order to save money.

Due to this trend of car insurance costs rising, another price comparison site has found that two thirds of motorists would rather buy a more environmentally friendly car if it meant that their car insurance premiums would be lower.

There are already around two million drivers who claim they drive a ‘green’ car, however; a further 21 million say that they would consider driving one if it meant them having more money as a result.

When motorists were asked what their reasons were for buying an eco friendly car, most admitted that it would be because of the money incentive rather than the any environmental worries they may have.

With many British drivers saying that they would be willing to embrace greener driving, it is down to the Government to give them the incentive by making greener driving cheaper. The problem at the moment is that it doesn’t look to be cheaper, as the cost of repairs could mean that it ends up being a lot more expensive. If the Government was to reduce the cost of road tax for green drivers they would have more of an incentive. However, at the moment, it looks like the best way of ensuring cheaper car insurance is to continue comparing quotes.

Two last points to remember when looking for those all important cheap quotes are to use your specific niche as an advantage. If you are female, statistics have shown that you are more likely to be a safer driver and this has an impact on your car insurance. By searching for women’s car insurance , you may discover that you will be able to find cheaper quotes. You could also try searching for a particular brand of car using the search term BMW car insurance for example.

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