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Online Car Insurance

No claim bonus discount, online auto insuranceReliable, Economical Online Car Insurance.

1 Cover Car Insurance Makes Protection Easy AND Affordable.

The number of times you hear, “Oh, so and so had a car accident. They’re ok but they weren’t insured.” Doesn’t your heart sink! All the information deposited in your brain about the overwhelming cost for the driver and the vital need for auto insurance comes flooding to the surface.

Often we don’t stop and think of car insurance because our lives are so busy. We tend to address issues on an ‘as needs’ basis. As Australians we also tend towards the “She’s right” mentality. The trouble with issues like motor vehicle insurance is that it is way too late after the event.

At 1 Cover Car Insurance, We Understand How Life Happens …

and that’s why we have made the whole process as simple for you as possible, providing reliable, 5 star auto insurance at a discount rate with all the convenience and speed of working through a streamlined, user friendly online quotation and fulfilment service.

Because we are an online car insurance company, we keep our overheads and your premiums to a minimum AND provide you with a 10% discount just for shopping online. Of course, if you need the personal touch, our friendly and informed team are there to assist.

In addition to our Comprehensive Car Insurance package, you may choose from Fire, Theft and Third Party Only or Third Party Only. But the cost saving choices go further than that with our comprehensive package offering you Nominated Driver and Nominated Driver, Low Kilometre policies

Within the Comprehensive Car Insurance package you will be supported by the benefits of:

- No claim bonus discount rising to 60% after five claim free years

- Maximum no claim and faultless no claim bonuses

- Market or agreed value

- New for old replacement within a number of circumstances

- Policy and faultless excess

- Automatic trailer cover while attached to your vehicle

- 14-day car hire during repair or replacement of your own vehicle

- Vehicle return; emergency repairs; towing; personal property; accommodation and transport and more.

Visit our Cover Summary section for full details.

You will experience the added security of underwriting by CGU Insurance, the Australian company with over 140 years experience, rated AA by international agency, Standard and Poors.

We believe we have you covered for all your car insurance needs and, according to our client feedback, our clients seem to think so too. And we’ll keep striving to provide you with cheap car insurance supported by the best service and policy offerings possible – 24/7.

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