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Car Donations

Charity Car DonationsThe main benefit of donating your car instead of selling it is obvious – you get to assist organizations such as the American Red Cross and many others. These charitable groups can maximize your car’s useful life by using it for such activities as disaster relief, nursing, emergency services, health and safety, youth services and many others. Aside from these intrinsic rewards, there are also practical rewards that await car donors.

The IRS will give you a tax deduction for the fair market price of your car if you decide to donate it. This tax break may even be bigger than the amount you could sell your car for (especially because of the added costs of trading or dealership).

The organization you donate your car to usually takes care of everything from transfer of ownership to towing your car. You just need to call the organization you want to donate your vehicle to, and they immediately send over a representative. Once everything is settled, expect a licensed towing company to take your car within three to five days (depending on your car’s location).

You never have to deal with car traders or buyers who call but never s
how up when you donate your car. The recipient organization takes care of everything for you. At the end of the day, you save more time, money and spare yourself a headache. If you have a car that you would like to donate, there are a lot of charitable and cause-oriented organizations willing to take it. You can visit their local chapters, or search the Internet for listings within your area.

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