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BMW graffiti contest at Facebook

bmw uses facebook to promote 1-series

BMW uses social network Facebook to promote the new BMW 1-serie.

In this contest users can paint BMW car using graffiti tools. If you brush auto with mouse, it can look like 3 year old style picture. But if you have your own graphic pen and tablet, your drawings can be very impressive. So if you are creative go there and try to win the first place.
Facebook is well known place for lots of internet people, so BMW 1-serie car will have good promo during and after contest. And it will be low budget promotion.

Quote from contest RULES:

  • In this contest your task is to draw on the car and/or background. You can toggle between them by clicking the button in the draw interface.
    After you submit your graffiti, take a look at BMW’s Pure site to comment and link to your favorites.
    Submission Deadline: Saturday night (6pm PST), April 5th


  • The 5 winners will all receive BMW Art Car models (sorry, not real cars :) by artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Sandro Chia!
    The winner of the Best Overall graffiti will also win a $100 gift certificate to
    Some graffiti submissions will also be selected by BMW and used in flash banners posted on a series of websites showcasing the new 1-series!


  • After the submission round is complete, users will vote on their favorite entries. A panel of judges will then decide on the winners out of the top entries.
    Note: NO direct copies from other works. If we notice this your entry will be removed from the Top 150.
    Note2: Keep it clean. We may remove inappropriate entries.

BMW graffiti contest link at Facebook.

facebook bmw 1-series graffiti contest

Matthew Perry At “Villa” club

Matthew PerryNowadays hollywood stars like “Villa” club, which has opened in the end of 2007 year. “Villa” is in the Melrose avenue, California. Club is only for ~147 visitors. Here we can meet Matthew Perry, Denzel Washington, Rick Solomon (ex-husband of Pamela Anderson) and other stars.
Club “Villa” was “safe” place for stars, until paparazzi has fount it..

Now every night near this club are lots of photographers and operators, hunting hot and piquant scenes.

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Give Your Excess Car To Charity

Give Your Excess Car To CharityDonate a car and make a difference in all their lives who cannot afford it. Apart from pleasure of contributing significantly it also gives you great relief as car donation is tax deductible.
Car donation is a wonderful idea but there are certain rules one must abide by them.

The car must be in a proper working condition. All cars donated goes through an auction with the proceedings going to a car donation company or website. Certain cars are given away to the less fortunate people but there are some rules to it too. One can not only donate cars but trucks, and vans. Car donation websites or companies then arrange for free vehicle pick-up whether your car to donate is running or not (in the later case money is deducted for servicing).

People prefer car donation instead of selling them themselves for the following reasons:
· 1. It avoids hassles and confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork.
· 2. Car donation qualifies for an IRS tax deduction.
· 3. No need for advertising online or in print media. So money stays in your pocket.
· 4. One doesn’t need to show his car repeatedly to the buyer.
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Why Use Car Donation Services ?

Car Donation ServiceWant to get rid of that old car? Donating it to charity is a fine choice. A charitable car donation doesn’t mean you’re giving something away for nothing. You could also benefit from such a choice, like receiving favorable tax deductions. If the charity sells the car, you receive its selling price as a tax write off. If it uses it, you get a tax write off equal to the fair market value of the car

Donating your car to charity is sure to bring rewards. Other than the tax deductions, the laws on karma will also apply. The good deeds you show will be rewarded surely.

But how do you find the right charity to receive your car? First, ask if your charity is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This makes you eligible for tax deductions.

Finding the right charity can be hard, especially in certain places where geography and unfamiliarity play a factor in the success or failure of your search. In such cases, contacting some car donation services is a good idea. From the list that these car donation services would provide, you could select the charity you think is most deserving of your car
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Charity Car Donation - Which Charity Should You Choose?

Which Charity Should You ChooseIf you have done any research into the area of used car donation programs then you will know that there are many charities that are able to receive your car as a donation. Many are eager to take your vehicle from you but you can’t decide which one is right charity to donate to. After all you only have one car to donate and you want it to make a difference. So how do you choose which charity is going to be the worthy recipient? There are a few different approaches you can take. You could:

Pick a random charity

The dartboard approach may be as good as any, especially if you believe that all charities are equally deserving of the money and will all put it to good use. Then your only choice is whether you would prefer to select a national charity or one that is solely focused on the state or city you live in.

If this strategy appeals then bring up a list of charities that accept car donations for the region you’re interested in and settle on the first name that jumps out at you.

Select one you have an affinity with

If your Aunty Betty died from cancer then you may feel that donating your car to a cancer research foundation to enable them to continue the ongoing search for a cure is a meaningful outcome for your used car donation. Or perhaps you have had a health scare yourself and would like to think that if you did happen to develop the disease that all available resources were being devoted to a cure or remedial medicine.
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Why You Should Seek Car Accident Lawyers?

Lawyers and Side impact collisions in usaSadly, nearly 100% of all Americans are prone to car accidents. And since it is our second nature to ensure ourselves with stability in case of mishaps, we often seek for the intervention of people who are authorities in the subject matter. Thus, we cling to them as supports and assurances whenever problems arise.

Cars, being the primary modes of transportation among Americans are inevitably the largest cases covered by collision-related law suits. And it is expected that in the future, these will grow in large regardless of the fact that many are now switching to bigger machines for transportation. We must not be fooled by the idea that we are safer in large vehicles since this is rarely the case.

Car accident lawyers help in leveling the ground in case of car accidents; they are the good sources of information regarding certain claims and laws pertaining to personal injuries. All supported of course with the legality of matters.
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Illinois Car Accident Lawyers

lawyers advice on the first action to be taken when involved in a car accidentEvery state has some distinctive clauses regarding specific cases such as a car accident though the essences of the laws remain the same. In Illinois, the laws pertaining to car accidents state that a passenger in a car can sue the other driver if he is involved in an accident. Many people think that this right is only reserved for the drivers of the vehicles in a car accident, but this is not the case. A lawyer should be contacted, who will then investigate the circumstances of the accident on behalf of his client(s).

Most lawyers’ advice on the first action to be taken when involved in a car accident is to seek medical treatment immediately. Quite often, the victim is in a shock after the car accident and doesn’t visit a doctor for several days. There are also accident cases where those involved felt fine immediately after the accident and did not realize any after-effects for several weeks. Illinois’ laws addresses this problem specifically, a victim is eligible to sue for damages as soon as he starts to find any medical problems.

A lawyer in Illinois will advise people involved in a car accident in the state is to keep a journal of everything that they can remember about the accidents and how they feel on a day-to-day basis afterwards. This is because a car accident court case can drag on for years. It is better to have a good record of everything; it helps to get as much compensation as possible.
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Florida Car Accident Lawyers

Florida are required to carry this insuranceThe sunshine and warm temperatures of Florida attract millions of visitors each year. This is one factor that adds to the number of car accidents in the state — the tourists’ lack of familiarity with the roads can cause accidents. However, tourists in Florida do not cause most car accidents. Excessive speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol are the two main causes of accidents.

Every driver is responsible for taking actions to prevent a car accident. Negligence resulting in a car accident in Florida represents grounds for a lawsuit. Depending on the degree of negligence, it could involve the state Attorney General’s office.

Florida Lawyers are knowledgeable about the law regarding car accidents in the state and will work to prepare the case efficiently. Even though it is difficult to avoid responsibility in a Florida car accident, the lawyer will leave no stone unturned to get all the facts surrounding the case. It also has to be proved that the plaintiff has suffered damages, either personal injury or property damage. In addition, a Florida car accident lawyer will look for compensation for such things as mental anguish and inconvenience. Other aspects of the case that a lawyer will look into are facts regarding the mental state of the defendant during the accident.
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Cheap Car Insurance: A True Friend

cheap car insurance and guiding you how to get discountOne of the dreams of people in all times and ages have been to own a car. A supremely useful vehicle that reduces lot of trouble that are faced by people. To start of with cars reduce the problem that people face in commuting. They thankfully reduce the trouble that people face while travelling as well as relieve them from the agony of waiting for the bus. Not only this the cars also are a tremendous add on for the status symbol. No wonder people in all times and ages have aspired to own cars. Things, however, were not that easy for car lovers earlier as it was indeed difficult to buy a car because of the price involved in it. However, emergence of several financial organisation which are ever willing to give loans at a very cost-effective rate and without much hassles have made it relatively easy for people to buy cars. However, with the rate of accidents continuously on rise it indeed is a challenge to repair the damage in case the car faces one for the cost can be pretty astronomical. It is here that cheap car insurance comes for one’s rescue and ensures that one is spared from the trauma of arranging money for the repair as it is the insurance company that does that for its employees.

This is a wonderful thinking on part of insurance companies because in quite a few instances it has been seen that the cost of repair of the cars have been immense which resulted in grave hardship faced by the concerned people. Car insurance, it must be said, is devised with the intention of bringing respite in all such cases.
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A Car Donation Does Make a Big Difference

car donation will eliminate the hassles of selling a carMother nature’s fury, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, have wreaked havoc on many people, and communities. As a result of these devastating events, homes, and lives have been destroyed. Rebuilding infrastructure and property, requires a great deal of resources, and capital. Federal, and local financial aid are much needed, however this aid falls short of what is truly required. Individual contributions are vital to fill these vast short falls. Beyond monetary contributions, donating a used vehicle can greatly benefit the needs of these desperate communities. A car donation is a process whereby both the donors, and the recipients benefit from the transaction.

Car Donations are relatively easy, and are done through a charity vehicle donation program. Generally, a telephone call is all that is necessary, in addition to a clear title to the automobile. Many charities will take vehicles that are running or not running. The car donation program will arrange for the vehicle to be picked up, conduct a charity auction sale, and distribute the proceeds to the charity of your choice. It is important to have the following information ready before you make the call:

-Owner’s name -Owner’s address -Owner’s telephone number - work and home -Owner’s e-mail address -Year, Make and model of vehicle -Running Condition? -Address where the vehicle is located. -Approximate mileage on vehicle

Your car donation is fully tax deductible, as long as the charity is a registered 501(c)3 organization. A registered 501(c)3 organization is a non-profit organization permitted by the IRS to accept contributions and offer donors a tax deduction for their gifts. Thanks to a new tax law in effect as of January 2005, the IRS has taken the guesswork out of determining the value of your vehicle. You may deduct the full price that is received from the sale of your car. This greatly simplifies the process, because you no longer have to research and arrive at an estimate of the fair market value of the vehicle. This also eliminates the risk of getting into trouble by overstating the value of your deduction on your tax return. You’ll know exactly the amount you may deduct, eliminating guesswork, and saving both time and risk.
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