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Vehicle Donation Information

Vehicle Donation InformationMany people wonder what to do with their vehicle which is there unused from a couple of months. This is a very common condition when you suddenly buy a new vehicle and don’t require the old one or the one which you are presently driving needs replacement. In such case donating the vehicle for the work of charity makes out to be the best thing you could do with your old vehicle. Donating your vehicle to the charity helps the charity do many important works for our community, the needy and the disabled.

Donating a vehicle is indeed a great value you add to your vehicle and get the satisfaction of helping the society. It is a way of showing you care and giving something back to the society. So if you are ready to donate your vehicle to a charity here is a little information which will definitely help you in managing this noble cause

• Vehicle donation can be done to any non profit charity across the United States.
• Vehicles to be donated can include cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, trailers, boats, motorcycle, Vans etc.
• For a greater benefit of the charity you have selected to donate your vehicle to, ensure that your vehicle is in running condition which will fetch more value to your vehicle.
• Most of the charities accept both running and non running vehicles but for the later one the potential value is first estimated.
• Donating a vehicle is a better way of creating a difference other than selling it which may be a difficult task.
• Your vehicle received by the charity as a part of donation is sold in a auction where the highest bidder gets the vehicle and the charity the money which it can use for a noble cause.
• There are many organizations like the which make the task of donating a vehicle a lot much easier for both the donator and the charity.
• You are entitled to get some tax benefits by donating your vehicle. Generally, the amount you may deduct for a vehicle contribution depends upon what the charity does with the vehicle. Charities typically sell donated vehicles. If the vehicle is sold by the charitable organization, the deduction claimed by the donor usually may not exceed the gross proceeds from the sale.
• For more information on tax benefits on vehicle donations see Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, and Publication 4303, A Donor’s Guide to Car Donations, available on
• The Vehicle Donation Program helps support the services the charities provide in communities across America.
• Your vehicle donation not only helps you but it helps the needy to a great deal. And every time you remember that you have donated a vehicle for a noble cause you will have the satisfaction of contributing something to the community.
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Give Your Excess Car To Charity

Give Your Excess Car To CharityDonate a car and make a difference in all their lives who cannot afford it. Apart from pleasure of contributing significantly it also gives you great relief as car donation is tax deductible.
Car donation is a wonderful idea but there are certain rules one must abide by them.

The car must be in a proper working condition. All cars donated goes through an auction with the proceedings going to a car donation company or website. Certain cars are given away to the less fortunate people but there are some rules to it too. One can not only donate cars but trucks, and vans. Car donation websites or companies then arrange for free vehicle pick-up whether your car to donate is running or not (in the later case money is deducted for servicing).

People prefer car donation instead of selling them themselves for the following reasons:
· 1. It avoids hassles and confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork.
· 2. Car donation qualifies for an IRS tax deduction.
· 3. No need for advertising online or in print media. So money stays in your pocket.
· 4. One doesn’t need to show his car repeatedly to the buyer.
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Why Use Car Donation Services ?

Car Donation ServiceWant to get rid of that old car? Donating it to charity is a fine choice. A charitable car donation doesn’t mean you’re giving something away for nothing. You could also benefit from such a choice, like receiving favorable tax deductions. If the charity sells the car, you receive its selling price as a tax write off. If it uses it, you get a tax write off equal to the fair market value of the car

Donating your car to charity is sure to bring rewards. Other than the tax deductions, the laws on karma will also apply. The good deeds you show will be rewarded surely.

But how do you find the right charity to receive your car? First, ask if your charity is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This makes you eligible for tax deductions.

Finding the right charity can be hard, especially in certain places where geography and unfamiliarity play a factor in the success or failure of your search. In such cases, contacting some car donation services is a good idea. From the list that these car donation services would provide, you could select the charity you think is most deserving of your car
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Charity Car Donation - Which Charity Should You Choose?

Which Charity Should You ChooseIf you have done any research into the area of used car donation programs then you will know that there are many charities that are able to receive your car as a donation. Many are eager to take your vehicle from you but you can’t decide which one is right charity to donate to. After all you only have one car to donate and you want it to make a difference. So how do you choose which charity is going to be the worthy recipient? There are a few different approaches you can take. You could:

Pick a random charity

The dartboard approach may be as good as any, especially if you believe that all charities are equally deserving of the money and will all put it to good use. Then your only choice is whether you would prefer to select a national charity or one that is solely focused on the state or city you live in.

If this strategy appeals then bring up a list of charities that accept car donations for the region you’re interested in and settle on the first name that jumps out at you.

Select one you have an affinity with

If your Aunty Betty died from cancer then you may feel that donating your car to a cancer research foundation to enable them to continue the ongoing search for a cure is a meaningful outcome for your used car donation. Or perhaps you have had a health scare yourself and would like to think that if you did happen to develop the disease that all available resources were being devoted to a cure or remedial medicine.
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A Car Donation Does Make a Big Difference

car donation will eliminate the hassles of selling a carMother nature’s fury, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, have wreaked havoc on many people, and communities. As a result of these devastating events, homes, and lives have been destroyed. Rebuilding infrastructure and property, requires a great deal of resources, and capital. Federal, and local financial aid are much needed, however this aid falls short of what is truly required. Individual contributions are vital to fill these vast short falls. Beyond monetary contributions, donating a used vehicle can greatly benefit the needs of these desperate communities. A car donation is a process whereby both the donors, and the recipients benefit from the transaction.

Car Donations are relatively easy, and are done through a charity vehicle donation program. Generally, a telephone call is all that is necessary, in addition to a clear title to the automobile. Many charities will take vehicles that are running or not running. The car donation program will arrange for the vehicle to be picked up, conduct a charity auction sale, and distribute the proceeds to the charity of your choice. It is important to have the following information ready before you make the call:

-Owner’s name -Owner’s address -Owner’s telephone number - work and home -Owner’s e-mail address -Year, Make and model of vehicle -Running Condition? -Address where the vehicle is located. -Approximate mileage on vehicle

Your car donation is fully tax deductible, as long as the charity is a registered 501(c)3 organization. A registered 501(c)3 organization is a non-profit organization permitted by the IRS to accept contributions and offer donors a tax deduction for their gifts. Thanks to a new tax law in effect as of January 2005, the IRS has taken the guesswork out of determining the value of your vehicle. You may deduct the full price that is received from the sale of your car. This greatly simplifies the process, because you no longer have to research and arrive at an estimate of the fair market value of the vehicle. This also eliminates the risk of getting into trouble by overstating the value of your deduction on your tax return. You’ll know exactly the amount you may deduct, eliminating guesswork, and saving both time and risk.
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Catholic Charity Car Donations

Catholic Charity Car DonationsCar donation is a noble gesture since it can make a difference in someone’s life. Most Catholic charity houses depend solely on donations. Many people donate money or clothes to charities but donating a car is something that is rapidly picking up. Donating a car allows you to get rid of an old car-hassle free and can also provide certain savings on your tax forms.

Car donations made to some Catholic charities are tax deductible. You can claim the car’s fair market value if the car is worth less than $500 or if it is in good working condition. You can claim deduction equal to the actual sale price of the car is the car is worth more than $500. The charity house should be a qualified, 501(c)3 IRS registered charity since only such programs are eligible for tax deductions. Information about such charity programs can be obtained from the IRS website or in the Publication 78 that is available at most public libraries.
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The New Tax Rules On Giving Your Car For Charitable Purpose

vehicle donation with less taxesMaking charitable contributions benefits you in two ways. One it gives you a warm feeling of helping out your fellow man, and simultaneously it is also a good way to get some tax reduced. Donating your car to charity will help you to achieve both the benefits provided that you need to be cautious as there are charities that will tell you what you want to hear, which can cause problems for you when you try to claim your donation. Therefore it is very essential for you to know the new tax rules for vehicle contributions to charity implemented by IRS so that you are safe from liability issues. Make sure not to give ear to any rumors by car donation sales claiming higher tax deductions than the IRS allows.

Before you get completely involved in the process of charity you need to exercise on some important facts which play a vital role in the whole process of donating and charity. First of all, make sure that the charitable organization is qualified and if it is not so then you will not be able to claim the deduction on your donation. Another question you will need answered before you donate your vehicle to charity is the utilization of the vehicle and if you believe that your purpose is not fulfilled then you can look for another charitable institution that will use the vehicle according to your approval. Keep yourself always fed with the new tax regulations before you donate your car to a non-profit organization.
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Car Donations

Charity Car DonationsThe main benefit of donating your car instead of selling it is obvious – you get to assist organizations such as the American Red Cross and many others. These charitable groups can maximize your car’s useful life by using it for such activities as disaster relief, nursing, emergency services, health and safety, youth services and many others. Aside from these intrinsic rewards, there are also practical rewards that await car donors.

The IRS will give you a tax deduction for the fair market price of your car if you decide to donate it. This tax break may even be bigger than the amount you could sell your car for (especially because of the added costs of trading or dealership).

The organization you donate your car to usually takes care of everything from transfer of ownership to towing your car. You just need to call the organization you want to donate your vehicle to, and they immediately send over a representative. Once everything is settled, expect a licensed towing company to take your car within three to five days (depending on your car’s location). Read the rest of this entry »

What to Consider When Making a Used Car Donation

tax break will only be given if the car is donated to a nationally recognized charityMaking a used car donation can help many people. If someone died or moved and they don’t want their car anymore, donating it is a great way to give back to the community while disposing of the vehicle.

Many used car donation services will pick up the used car for free and take it to the charity. Check your local telephone directory for such services and also search the internet. These services are not in many small towns yet but most large cities can coordinate the deal for you.

It is important to check with the IRS before making a used car donation. There are a few forms that will need to be filled out. The web site can also give an estimate as to the car’s worth.

The number will probably be different from its blue book value, so be sure to check the web site out before giving the car away. In some states, a tax break will only be given if the car is donated to a nationally recognized charity.

A complete list is available on the web site. Filling out the forms incorrectly could result in not getting the tax break. Once the paperwork has been filled out, get a receipt from the charity the car was donated to. This is the proof that will be necessary when claiming a charitable donation on a tax return. The IRS web site will provide all the information to donate the car and get a tax break.
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Explanation: What is car DONATION

In the USA, charitable donations provide tax benefitCar donation is the practice of giving away no-longer-wanted automobiles to charity organizations. In the United States, charitable donations provide a tax benefit; as such, this type of giving has become very popular. For values less than $500, the value of the tax deduction comes from the donor’s own estimate of the car’s value, even if the charity receives less money from actually selling the car. Deductions for donations over this amount are limited to the sale amount of the vehicle (usually at auction). Some critics have claimed that this is essentially a tax shelter. However, non-profit organizations in the US have come to rely increasingly upon the revenue from car donations. This type of donation has become increasingly widespread in the U.S.; in 2000, 733,000 taxpayers reduced their taxes by $654 million.
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