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BMW graffiti contest at Facebook

bmw uses facebook to promote 1-series

BMW uses social network Facebook to promote the new BMW 1-serie.

In this contest users can paint BMW car using graffiti tools. If you brush auto with mouse, it can look like 3 year old style picture. But if you have your own graphic pen and tablet, your drawings can be very impressive. So if you are creative go there and try to win the first place.
Facebook is well known place for lots of internet people, so BMW 1-serie car will have good promo during and after contest. And it will be low budget promotion.

Quote from contest RULES:

  • In this contest your task is to draw on the car and/or background. You can toggle between them by clicking the button in the draw interface.
    After you submit your graffiti, take a look at BMW’s Pure site to comment and link to your favorites.
    Submission Deadline: Saturday night (6pm PST), April 5th


  • The 5 winners will all receive BMW Art Car models (sorry, not real cars :) by artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Sandro Chia!
    The winner of the Best Overall graffiti will also win a $100 gift certificate to
    Some graffiti submissions will also be selected by BMW and used in flash banners posted on a series of websites showcasing the new 1-series!


  • After the submission round is complete, users will vote on their favorite entries. A panel of judges will then decide on the winners out of the top entries.
    Note: NO direct copies from other works. If we notice this your entry will be removed from the Top 150.
    Note2: Keep it clean. We may remove inappropriate entries.

BMW graffiti contest link at Facebook.

facebook bmw 1-series graffiti contest

Matthew Perry At “Villa” club

Matthew PerryNowadays hollywood stars like “Villa” club, which has opened in the end of 2007 year. “Villa” is in the Melrose avenue, California. Club is only for ~147 visitors. Here we can meet Matthew Perry, Denzel Washington, Rick Solomon (ex-husband of Pamela Anderson) and other stars.
Club “Villa” was “safe” place for stars, until paparazzi has fount it..

Now every night near this club are lots of photographers and operators, hunting hot and piquant scenes.

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